Stabilizing the Circle

1683 Words

When I showed up with Shizu at the Student Support Club’s clubroom, it earned us a somewhat lukewarm response. Well, that’s somewhat expected. With what happened yesterday wherein Shizu flaunted the fact that I am the Student Council’s lackey, only Izumi and Arisa-senpai were slightly surprised. Looking at Arisa-senpai and remembering what happened earlier, she once again had a complicated expression on her face as she alternated her gaze between Shizu and me. Most likely, she’s already trying to connect the dots about our relationship. As for Izumi-senpai, her eyebrows were twitching as if it’s truly unexpected for her to see me with Shizu. In any case, they didn’t go out of their way to comment on that. Instead, they smiled at Shizu, telling her that it has been a while since they sa

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