Mihara-san's Interest

1300 Words

Mihara-san picking me up to send me home was actually Otoha giving her chauffeur a chance. A chance to be alone with me. Otoha has long been aware of Mihara-san’s interest in me. According to Mihara-san herself, Otoha already knew about it even when we’re still together. Mihara-san confessed to her about it, thinking it’s a duty she should report. As for the reason for her interest in me... the large part came from how she became a witness of her Ojou-sama’s relationship with me, the rest came from how I became the closest guy to her. It’s kinda weak as if it’s telling me that if she had more contact with men, she wouldn’t be interested in me. Mihara-san came from a servant family of the Kaneko House. Ever since birth, she’s destined to serve them. Originally, she’s not supposed to b

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