Early Morning with Miwa-nee

1280 Words

Monday night still passed somewhat eventfully even if a lot had already happened during the day. With Shio arriving at the house for dinner, I then brought up the talk about my parents that would be arriving on Wednesday. As it turned out, Akane was also contacted by my mom. Apart from asking her to remind Miwa-nee as well, which was probably used as an excuse to talk to her, my mom asked Akane about what she thinks about my other girls. She wanted to hear her opinion as well as to sound out how many there were already. Among my girls, there’s only Himeko and Mina who she hadn’t met yet. Well, Mina isn’t mine yet but I’m fairly confident that it’s only a matter of time or until that competition with her mother ends. Of course, the continued fulfillment of my promise to her could also

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