Troubled Expression

1344 Words

When we arrived at our house, Akane welcomed Mina in open arms, smilingly accepting a new sister in their fold. Perhaps she’s thinking that I would worry about that gesture of hers again. My silly wife lifted her gaze and showed me a reassuring smile as if saying that there’s no more issue for her to meet the other girls. And that’s actually the truth. After that gathering last week, Akane wouldn’t react strongly anymore besides, there’s only a few of them she hadn’t met yet or only one more, Himeko. Since she already met Himeko’s sister, Itou Maaya and even developed some kind of friendship with her, it’s only a matter of chance before they could see each other. Perhaps, they already did. That siscon of a girl would surely brag about her sister to Akane. However, knowing that her sister

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