Tell me first

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“… Lucky you, I’m this benevolent,” Mina said while shaking her head as if she did a blunder. “Right. I expected a punishment but I got rewarded instead.” “Because you’re a shameless guy. Anyway, it’s one of your traits … It can’t be helped.” “Won’t you at least scold me?” “Are you a masochist?” “No. I think I deserved that. I… to your mother.” Truthfully, even though I felt like I did something wrong, it’s worth it. Seeing Auntie Yayoi like that was something priceless. Mina pushed a finger on my lips, preventing me from speaking further. Then after a few minutes, she pulled my head down and whispered in my ears. “Ruki… If one day, my mom also caught your eye, can you promise to let me know about it first?” This… “Huh? Why are you already jumping at that? Hypothetically, it reall

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