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With me sitting on the same sofa as yesterday while Auntie Yayoi was at the side, slightly leaning towards me with her hands grasping my shoulders. Although my face probably still sported a frozen smile, I had my back resting on the couch. Normally, our position shouldn’t imply anything improper. That's why Auntie Yayoi tried passing it off as if she’s reminding me to treasure her only daughter, Mina. The grip of her hands loosened and she began tapping me instead while laughing awkwardly. I had the urge to say, ‘If you laugh like that, it will be more suspicious, you know?’ but there’s not enough time to do so. Mina’s eyes already alternated between us as she approached us. Dropping her bag to one empty sofa, the slit of her beautiful eyes narrowed to a slit as her focus gradually landed

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