First Date (3)

1727 Words

The theater wasn't that crowded when we went in. That gave us a chance to choose for a better seat. Akane was too excited to see it that she literally pulled me into the front row. Well, it's her day so I let myself be dragged by her. Throughout the movie, she will sometimes comment and then ask me what I think. Even if she was too focused on it, she still wanted me to enjoy the movie with her. Because of that I didn't disappoint her and watched it in earnest. The movie was about a girl and a guy who was separated by a distance of lightyears. Right. It's sci-fi. The girl somehow found the guy's holographic phone that was swept away by a black hole and was then sent to the girl's planet. From there they started talking to each other. At first, the girl was skeptical and thought the guy w

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