Sunday Appointment (1)

1662 Words

I messaged Satsuki before going out of the house. It was to confirm where she is currently. She replied immediately and told me she's at the Gymnasium doing club practice. Akane was still tired from last night so she went back to our room to take a nap. Miwa-nee, on the other hand, urged me to take a rest. She probably saw how I was always moving and with the number of girls who visited us, she thought I'm pushing myself. When I heard her say that, I could feel her concern for me. Even with Minoru looking I hugged her right there and made up an excuse of I'm recharging my energy through hugging her. Minoru, who was curious about what I did, followed my example to hug his mother. Because of that, Miwa-nee couldn't do anything but yield to the both of us. A little moment with her like th

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