Sunday Appointment (2)

1902 Words

I made sure not to show myself in front of Sakuma but I'm sure he's looking out whether I'll show up here or not. Just to be sure, I messaged Satsuki that after their practice, I'll wait for her just outside that side door we entered from earlier. She probably already noticed Sakuma from the audience, it's now on her whether she will show herself before him or go with me. This might look like I'm testing her but yeah, I want to know just how much Sakuma weighs on her at this moment. But first, let's watch her for now. They're having a practice game, the Starter team that will play first at the upcoming practice game against the Bench Team consisting of bench players. Satsuki was among the bench players. Since there's still the third year who took up the Center Position, she will only

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