Cake Shop Date

1945 Words

"What do you want?" Satsuki asked as she browsed on which cake she will choose, we're currently at a Cake Shop which she just admitted she frequented these past few days. The owner already knew her by face and treated her as a regular. "Your boyfriend will probably like this." The owner then pointed to a triple chocolate roll. Being called as her boyfriend, I guess it's kind of a weird feeling. "He's not my boyfriend, owner." Satsuki flatly rejected but the tone of her voice wasn't that of someone rejecting. "Yet?" The owner added as her gaze turned to our hands that were still linked together. "She's just too shy, owner. I'll take that one you recommended." I interjected before Satsuki could retort. She then glared at me and tightened her hold on my hand as if she wanted to crus

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