House Visit Again

1875 Words

"Next station in 5 minutes. Press the button if you will get down." The announcement from the Bus Driver woke me up from watching Satsuki's current sleeping face resting on my shoulder. After the Cake Shop and determining that her family already went out, we rode the bus to their house. On the way, Satsuki fell asleep on my shoulder. The practice game took a toll on her and knowing I'm next to her, she thought of resting her eyes but instead, she drifted to sleep. It's only a short ride from the station near the cake shop to here. It's not even 15 minutes. For her to fall asleep, it just showed how tired she was. Maybe not only from practice but also from thinking about our situation. Sakuma included. The next station is the one near their house so when I heard that announcement, I woke

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