Satsuki's Choice

1808 Words

"T-the practice ended already and my mother told me to bring that basket of fruits." He stuttered a bit before telling his reason why he is here. Of course that's probably an excuse. He's here to see what state we're in. Satsuki fixed her posture and clothes before going to the door so he probably didn't see something amiss. But the fact that we're alone in this house and me being in her room, that made him panic. "I see. Do you want to come in?" Still maintaining my normal voice, I acted friendly to him, just like always. "N-no. I'll go now. I somehow angered her." What the hell is with this guy? He's a bit forceful earlier and now he became this timid. Either way, this is better. With what happened, Satsuki will probably be more confused. "Alright. See you tomorrow? I still haven'

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