The Incident (1) *

1945 Words

The silence of Satsuki's room was slowly filled by moans and sighs of pleasure. There's also the sounds of ruffling sheets as we move along on top of her bed. Taking our mind off from what had just happened, we drown ourselves with our l**t. Satsuki's aggressive nature was let loose as she hungrily sucked on my tongue while trying to undress me. Unlike in school, we could do more and not restrain ourselves in here. Her legs were already clinging to my back as my growing bulge kept rubbing on her. Soon, our clothes were all lying on the floor with both of us n***d on top of her bed. Spreading her legs open, my hand immediately traveled to it. Feeling her most sacred place using my hand. It's already wet. I rubbed it using my fingers and Satsuki started letting out more pleasurable moan

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