Option 2

1286 Words

Introduction part two. Well, that’s us redoing that time when she introduced me as her boyfriend. If she chose that, what we would tell them was the real events that lead to our relationship. However, there would be a whole lot of complications by doing that exactly. Apart from Ogawa and Tadano who would most likely be against it, Izumi-senpai and Arisa-senpai would react differently. I had just that situation with Arisa-senpai earlier. If they found out that what we did back then was just an act and that Nami was actually Ogawa’s girlfriend… I could imagine that they would look at Nami as a cheater. Falling in love when it was supposed to be just an act? They would think that Nami betrayed Ogawa. As for me, I would possibly be hated by the two. Especially now that Arisa-senpai sti

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