A Great Day

1651 Words

Seeing the four of them being engaged at what they're talking about in that group, I couldn't help but get curious. Still, I held into my earlier decision not to check on what they're talking about. I considered what's in there as their girl's talk. After a while, Satsuki went out to check in to her club. Before that though, she asked me to follow her. We went somewhere private and in there, Satsuki vented out her slight jealousy from what she read in the group. Knowing her personality, I expected that so as soon as she started, I held her in my arms which instantly calmed her down. Afterwards, I kissed her without waiting for her to drop her tsundere act as I once again reminded her of what I feel for her. Satisfied with that, she went to her club in a fairly better mood. Aya who notic

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