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I don't know how it ended up with Miyako joining them. When she first appeared and the way she wanted to rush in and hit me, I thought it would really end like that. She even cried her heart out to me. That's why it's really a surprise that upon separating in that note, she will be welcoming me back with that beautiful and bright smile on her face. Only after asking the girls inside did I get the gist of what happened. Akane, Yae and Sena really became the vanguard with support from Aoi, Mizuki and Aika. The others watched on how she was ganged up by them. Elizabeth wanted to join but knowing how it would be more confusing with her participation, Yukari took it upon herself to restrain the Queen of the Lost Kingdom of Arkadia. Well, not really ganged up but… they let her vent out what's

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