Boxing Gym

1789 Words

When we entered the boxing gym, all eyes fell upon Sena and me. Of course, not just because of Sena's beauty but because of how she was sticking to me. As a regular of this boxing gym, she's already a known face here and she's one of the most popular. A young, beautiful boxer, if she didn't become popular here I would doubt everyone's sexuality here. Since it's already about 4pm, the number of people still training has already dwindled. "Sena-chan, who's be? Your boyfriend?" One of the older regulars who seemed to be in his 50's already asked her when we passed by. The others were just watching or just didn't really care. Sena didn't answer immediately, instead, she looked up at me and wordlessly asked what she would answer. The label fits so I nodded at her and that immediately produ

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