Meeting Sena

1752 Words

After an hour, the first one to wake up was me. Aoi and Ria were still clinging to me. After that somewhat intense s*x with the two, I forgot we were on the floor. When I tried to move, they pinned me back down. And due to that, I realized they were already awake just that they still don't want our time to end. After kissing both of their foreheads, I pulled them closer to me which the two of them really liked. "You two, aren't you cold?" "You're warm enough to negate it, darling." "Dumb-senpai should really pretend he didn't notice we're already awake. These two… well, I still have time before I meet Sena. I also have questions which Ria would answer. It's not necessarily the correct answer but hearing an answer from a different mind was better. "Alright, I'll pretend you two didn'

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