Two on One *

1886 Words

"You two…" That's all I could say before Aoi and Ria pulled my pants down. We were talking about something else when the topic suddenly switched to what happened 2 weeks ago. At that point, Aoi and Ria joined hands to come up with the terms of seeing who could service me best. With their lustful smile on their faces, they took the space on both of my sides and started to turn the current situation into something erotic. Both Aoi and Ria's hands went on top of my pants, feeling up the bulge hidden beneath it. Aoi then took my lips into a kiss. She never held back as we continued what we started earlier near their front door. Ria, on the other hand, started kissing me on my neck right on the spot where I could feel it more... From there, the two of them alternately switched on either ta

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