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After a few minutes of walking from the School Building, I got the idea where Izumi-senpai would take me. The back of the Club Building. "What are we doing here, senpai?" Well, not a picnic of course. Izumi-senpai didn't answer me, instead, she continued to walk across the grassy area behind the Club Building and stopped next to a window of a clubroom. She looked behind first to see for any other passersby before stealthily knocking on the glass. A few seconds later, the window opened from inside the room, a slender arm of a girl could be seen from where I was standing. When the window completely opened, Izumi-senpai swiveled back to me and with a little annoyance on her face, she pointed at the opened window. "I told you to shut up. Here, get up from here." I stepped forward and cr

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