Troublesome Mentor

1567 Words

"Well, she got leg cramps so I had her rest here. Anyway, why are you looking for me, senpai?" I answered a straight-up lie before turning the questioning around. That way, she wouldn't follow up on her question and instead answer mine. Mori was also surprised at Izumi-senpai's sudden appearance that she seemed to get her tongue-tied. "Is that so? Hmm." Izumi-senpai said, clearly doubting my lie. However, she soon dropped it to answer my question. "I'm your mentor. Why else will I look for you? Get on your feet and let's go." "You're late for an hour, senpai." "Don't mind the details, Onoda-kun." She brushed off my complaint before turning her head to Mori. This girl is fully displaying how much of a delinquent she is. Truly different if Ogawa's in the vicinity. "Hina, will you s

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