Still Broken

1302 Words

“Let’s see… I don’t have a new question for now, what about we talk about ourselves while we’re relaxing like this? I still have a lot that I didn’t know about my Rae.” Dropping a quick kiss on her lips, I then lowered my body to whisper in her ear before raising it soon afterward. Rae raised an eyebrow and with a teasing smile, she pinched a few clumps of my hair before rubbing it with her thumb and forefinger. Soon afterward, she moved her hand to fix my hair to her liking before taking her glasses off and putting it on me. “Your Rae, hmm? I really like hearing that from you, hateful Ruki.” While admiring my new look that she herself fixed for me, Rae put a hand on my cheek and pulled me down to initiate another kiss. Naturally, I eagerly responded to her, giving the girl the chance

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