Bringing Rae to the Book Club

1314 Words

After spending that few minutes just laying down together, listening to our breathing and heartbeats, we left the room and I brought her to the Book Club. The conversation we just had wasn't brought up again. It was somewhat sensitive and there’s no solution to it at the moment. Instead of becoming downhearted for that, I changed our topic to a more lighthearted one wherein both of us would talk about mundane things. As for mundane… given that we’re both not normal, it turned out to be interesting that at the end of our time there, Rae couldn’t stop giggling lovingly. When we arrived at the Book Club, Aya, who I informed that I would be bringing Rae, welcomed us right at the door before pulling Rae towards Haruko’s table. Sitting there were Haruko and the silver-haired Serizawa Edelwei

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