Broken Circle

1250 Words

Spending at least 20 minutes drinking tea and chatting with both Himeko and Mina, I left the Poem Appreciation Club on a good note. Throughout that time, the two seniors remained busy with their calligraphy and although they sometimes called Himeko and Mina to get their opinions, the two were ignoring my presence completely. They would even click their tongues whenever Himeko would try to call out to me to also give my opinion. Well, that was her way to help me interact with the two. However, with that kind of reaction, instead of pushing to interact with them, I told Himeko to let it be. Besides, I wasn’t there for them so… I spent my time reviewing Mina’s tea recipe. Himeko who was watching me do it for the first time had her mouth turned into ‘O’ shape as if she’s watching a profess

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