Hoshino Miwa (2) *

1830 Words

"W-we shouldn't..." Miwa-nee's voice was a bit shaky. Even after all this, she's resisting me. I put more force to my arm that even her hold couldn't stop it from reaching its destination. I instantly felt her panties being soaked by her love nectar. Two of my fingers rubbed it lightly and it became instantly drenched. "Uuuhh... Listen to me…" Her pleading voice along with a moan reached my ears. I looked up at her and couldn't resist teasing her more. While rubbing her down there, I went back to suck on her n*****s. Slowly she fell down on our sofa and our position became like how it was last night. We got interrupted when my feelings for Akane came back but now, it's her time. "H-hey, Ruki..." Once more, her voice called out to me. "I can't hear you." Her mature figure is in m

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