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Miwa-nee indulged herself in me because she thought this would just become a one-night thing. For her, when morning comes for us, she will go back to being married to someone. She doesn't want to talk about it tonight. But the reality is, we already crossed that line. Saying it's just a one-night thing is just absurd. We won't be going back to our previous relationship, slowly she'll show me more of her love. I'll try not to push her but I'll take all the chances for now. "I like you Miwa-nee. I won't give up." Miwa-nee did not answer and just continued walking to their room. I watched her back until she disappeared from my sight. I opened the door to our room and saw Akane, she's still at the same position as I left her. But yeah, this girl probably noticed that I left her side, sh

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