A New Rumor

1882 Words

Nami settled back on her seat and glanced at me but when Ogawa arrived, her attention turned to him. I guess I couldn't beat him for now but soon. Satsuki and Sakuma arrived just before the class started I noticed Satsuki's expression. She was feeling down about something. I wanted to know why but I guess I have to wait to ask her. Between the four of us, something already changed. I got the two at my sides as mine. And Sakuma wasn't that talkative now. Well, I still didn't know if it's because he heard us or his pending confession was putting him under pressure. Just yesterday he was in a good mood that he finally made that move to ask Satsuki. Did it only sink in now? Ah. This is good too, I don't need to deal with his constant pestering if he's like this. When the 1st period e

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