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Chii's mother was like a preview of how she would look if Chii hadn't changed herself and became a gyaru. And I could honestly say that… I was probably blind back then to see her as a plain and ordinary girl. Her mother was vibrating a real Japanese housewife vibe. Although she was wearing a long brown skirt, a plain gray camisole topped by a purple tight-fitted cardigan, it somehow perfected that image. Add to that, her motherly side plait that was commonly seen in anime. Well, the internet called that kind of hairstyle as the 'hairstyle of death' because more often than not, they're mothers of a character that was about to die or was already dead before the story. Err… Hina's hairstyle was also like that. Hers was braided though. Like with Saki, I've only seen her undone hair once or

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