Friend (2)

1283 Words

"Thank you again, Kinoshita-sensei, Onoda-kun." As we parked next to her house, Fuyu thanked us twice, first before she left the car and second before going inside their gate. She even bowed politely to Shio. Her modesty despite being called as the ace and admired by everyone was still like this. If it's really not because of Akane overshadowing her, she'd be more popular. Nonetheless, I guess it's much better to keep her away from being tarnished by others. And naturally, I hadn't thought of getting my hands on her. I'm afraid to corrupt that girl just like how I corrupted my pure girls. Ah. Of course, the greatest factor was that I also saw her as a friend. Well, there might be a time that she would also get herself a boyfriend but that's something I had no control over anymore. An

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