Steamy Time Upstairs *

2276 Words

"Y-you bully. Don't wave my panties like that. Give it to me." "Why? Let me hold onto this for a while." I continued climbing until I arrived at the step she was on. "Muu. It's hard to move earlier. I was stuck at my seat. And whenever the wind blows, it feels chilly." "No one noticed, right?" She didn't answer but her hand moved to my arm and pinched it hard. It hurts but her way of answering is this cute. I can see her pouting when she turned her head away. "Is my Kana mad at me?" "Don't talk to me, you bully. I'm too embarrassed in class. I couldn't stand when the teacher called me." Ah. I really put her to a quite dangerous situation. One wrong move could be the end of her. It will be a shame that will never be erased. I also did this before in Middle School. Though no accident

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