Time with Kana *

2106 Words

After leaving the Student Council Room, I went to the Literature Club to pick Kana and Rae up. Due to the time I spent there, Satsuki, Aya and Nami already went home. I informed them about it anyway and they also informed me when they left the school on messenger. Hina was with Nami. Most probably, she was being interrogated by that scary girl to know what happened between us. Haruko also went home with Mina and the other 3 girls of her. I would've stayed behind to walk Shizu-senpai to the bus station if not for Kana and Rae. The two stayed behind on the club. Rae was helping Kana on proofreading her revised novel which she will submit this Friday for the contest. "You two are working hard." I greeted them when I entered the room. Even if it's already dark, Kana was still writing wh

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