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"Blockhead. You don't need to flower up your words. Let's sit there..." Shizu-senpai scowled to hide the hint of red which appeared on her face. I still don't know whether she's beginning to like me or she just wanted the company to spend the unexpected free time we managed to get. "Ah. In that case, let me assist you, senpai." I walked over and held out my hand to her. This time, she took it albeit reluctantly after staring at my palm for more than 20 seconds. Her hand felt rough on the surface which speaks for her hardworking personality. I tightened my grip on her hand and supported her as she stood up from her seat. Without letting go of her hand, I pulled on her as we moved from her table to the long table where we ate the cake last time. When I looked back, Shizu-senpai's head

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