Arisa-senpai's Consideration

1485 Words

As I expected, Arisa-senpai couldn’t give me an answer. Even after minutes passed, she remained silent in my embrace. Perhaps I put her in a bind by telling her to choose. That’s why when I noticed it, I didn’t push for her answer anymore. “You don’t have to answer today, senpai. You can think about it however long it may be… Uh. I realized that I had just pressured you by saying that.” In an apologetic tone, I whispered to her. If I wasn’t holding her like this, I would probably escape already. But then she might run after me again. Her wound had just been treated and surely, it’s still stinging with pain. Better not let her move excessively again. “Instead of that, can I request something?” I added. Sure enough, with my previous words relieving her of the pressure to choose, Arisa-s

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