It's your own decision

1521 Words

“You know, senpai. I hate seeing you cry… And knowing that it’s because of me, that hate gets directed at myself…” I whispered right next to Arisa-senpai’s ear. We’re now sitting on the infirmary bed with my back resting on the headrest. Arisa-senpai was in front of me while my arms enclosed around her shoulders in a tight embrace. On the other hand, she’s clutching my arms tightly so as to not let me pull it back and her head rested comfortably on me. Right. We’re still afraid to face each other in fear of that undeniable attraction for each other. But then, holding her like this and feeling her warmth was enough to make me teeter between my restraint and my desire to make her mine. That’s why I closed my eyes and just relaxed my chin on her shoulder while inhaling her delightful fragr

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