Treating her wound

1484 Words

Although there were students who we passed by who looked on curiously upon seeing me carrying someone like a princess, they soon lost their interest after seeing the wound on Arisa-senpai’s knee. And that made our trip to the infirmary smooth. Arisa-senpai, on the other hand, used her hand to cover her face. Most likely, she didn’t want to be seen by others as a clumsy one or she just didn’t want to look at me directly. Either of the two, it didn’t matter at all. Just the fact that she specifically came to check on me was enough to raise my mood. Even if she ended up pushing me away after the treatment, knowing that I was still on her mind was enough. When I arrived at the infirmary, Hayashi-sensei wasn’t in. That’s surprising since every time I would come here, she’d be inside. In an

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