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Because of how exhausted Akane and Yae became last night, I managed to wake up first. Err… that was because it took me a bit longer to c*m and due to that, both of them experienced a prolonged pounding wherein they c*m at least 5 times each. Also, they both rode on me instead of letting me be on top of them. Even now, they're clinging onto me while still n***d under our blanket. In fact, even if I didn't put on a blanket, they're already using our body heat to warm themselves up. After making sure not to wake them, I carefully stood up and put the blanket over them again. I might be living a satisfying life now but to continue this, we have to realize that future. Some may be convinced that it's already enough to have an episode like this in their life but that's not me. I wanted to co

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