Plans and Goals

1870 Words

When Miwa-nee fell asleep, I fixed her sleeping posture to let her have a comfortable sleep next to Minoru before putting on a blanket to cover them from the cold. "Sweetie." Yae's figure welcomed me after I left Miwa-nee's room, she already changed to her sleepwear, a white silk negligee in which that was almost see-through if you put her in front of the light. "What's wrong? Were you waiting for me?" "Un. I thought of picking you up so I could talk to you for a bit. Akane was already in the room, preparing the bed." What does she want to talk about? If she even went here, she probably wants it to be with the two of us. "I see, then let's not talk here. How long were you standing there?" I grabbed her hand and started leading her to the nearest room, the room Aya stayed in last nig

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