Saturday Night

1677 Words

After picking up Yae at the station, we rode the train back home. Finding a corner for us on the train, Yae snuggled to me throughout the whole ride. Her smile was too beautiful that those who rode the train with us couldn't help but be mesmerized by her. "Sweetie, let's buy desserts. Akane and Miwa-nee already made dinner so it's onto us to buy desserts!" Yae declared in enthusiasm after we got off the train. After they stopped competing with each other, Yae started to call Akane by her name and Akane also did the same. Seeing that kind of progress was something I really welcome. Well, after I was out for so long, bringing a dessert was just appropriate. Just like when I bought a cake for Akane after I went to Satsuki's house. When I asked her what wants, Yae grinned as she answered

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