End of the Day

1067 Words

Twenty minutes after Aika and Sena’s turn, we received a call from the counter that our rented time had ended. On our way out, we cleared of any traces of what transpired inside the room. And although they got sufficient rest, the six girls were still flushed red. As for me… Obviously, I felt slightly weak on my hips and my knees. I got my stubborn streak even when Aika and Sena told me to rest and that they’re fine even without taking their supposed turn. Once I drew near them, they also instantly melted from my touch. Besides, at that time, I was clearly energized by how lovely they were. Only when we finished did I somehow almost slump down. Due to that, the last twenty minutes consisted of one scene.  My weakened self was cuddled by my girls. Ah no. It's mostly with Miyako. Naturall

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