Morning Walk

1245 Words

Morning arrived and I spent at least the whole chunk of it with Yae and Akane. We worked out in the mini-gym, did my homeworks that I hadn’t done yet due to how busy I was. Then after our breakfast which Akane and Yae made, we walked around our neighborhood as a change of pace. Ah. We also brought Minoru with us. It’s to at least make it easy for Miwa-nee to do the household chores without being disturbed. I actually thought of helping her for a while but she just pushed me away and told me to look after our little one, her face flushed red and despite her current age, she appeared extremely bashful and adorable. Upon seeing that, I failed to stop myself from picking her up to shower her with my affection. Anyway, along with the two girls and our boy, we went to the playground for Minoru

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