Troublesome Tag-along

1266 Words

As a college student, Nikaido Anzu sure had a lot of time on her hand. She’s even always at home whenever I would come to pick up or send Eimi home. Despite her ‘tiny’ and bratty disposition that would always mistake her for perhaps a middle schooler, she sure kept her head on her shoulders. With her teasing remarks as well as her famed pieces of advice when it comes to relationships that she apparently pulled from her experience in dating, our walk to the supermarket had been lively. Eimi, who's probably trying her hardest not to butt heads with her Anzu-nee, settled herself on locking arms with me as well as clasping our hands together. Due to that, I became the sole recipient of the talkative girl’s endless chattering. From her words, I arrived at a conclusion that she’s yet to get

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