Station Appointment

1253 Words

Somehow, those three guys were birds of a feather. They're all interested in someone close to them but all those times where my existence still hadn't intruded their circle, no one confessed to whoever they liked. Today, it ended up with me being the center of the women's attention and the three of them following like ugly ducklings at our tail. I had no qualms with the silent guy but if he really had the hots for Saki, he shouldn't have followed Ogawa or Tadano's example. What did he get now? Saki confessed her interest in me and me being me, I accepted it. What's wrong with confessing? I always confessed straightforwardly. Telling the girls I wanted to steal them from their boyfriends. And despite their mixed reactions, I would push through. Honestly, rejection back then was only fue

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