The Awkward Club (2)

1223 Words

When Nami and Hina showed up, the two pulled me inside the clubroom drawing confused gazes from Izumi and Arisa-senpai. Naturally, it's not the time to confront Ogawa yet. Upon looking at Nami's eyes, her quirk was possibly working this time again. I only told them that I would be seeing them before they go home, not to enter the room when I had just made things somewhat complicated for the members of the club except the silent guy Taku and the fujoshi Kikuchi. Nonetheless, with me entering the room, the slightly suspicious time that Saki spent at the door with me was completely forgotten. All of their eyes were all focused on me after all. Arisa-senpai was looking at me with a somewhat complicated expression while Izumi-senpai was throwing me a hateful glare which instantly subsided

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