The Awkward Club (1)

1244 Words

When I left the Poem Appreciation Club, Mina escorted me out. Well, only until their door though. Because she's somewhat satisfied with me today, Mina peeked her head out for me. And due to that, I scored another kiss from her. Being that was the third time when our lips met, she was already somewhat used to kissing me. She also let me do what I wanted, like sucking her to mine in which she returned with more eagerness on her part. And that's not the best part. It's her part embarrassed and part hateful act that resurfaced once our lips separated. Although Mina could be said to have already accepted me, that act of hers only made her adorable in my eyes. Tomorrow would probably be a great day to visit her and hopefully, she's alone. As for the three seniors, because they're still afra

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