Instructor Ruki (3)

1344 Words

Understanding my question, the sexy mother and the representative of all the mothers here answered. “Ichihara.” “Alright, Ichihara-san, feel free to be strict with your observation.” I repeated what I said before shifting my gaze back to my ‘students’ for the day. However, my ears still picked up Ichihara-san and the other mother’s voices when they began discussing among themselves. “It’s great that sensei is this young and flexible.” “I agree. I also prefer a young instructor than a stuck-up old man who will not bend with the way they teach.” “But won’t young instructors like him still be inexperienced?” “Isn’t that the reason why Ichihara-san wanted to observe him strictly?” “You’re right. Then we also have to use our eyes to observe.” “Hmm… Although he can’t be categorized as to

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