Night with Miwa-nee (1)

1311 Words

“Miwa-nee…” I called out to my lovely Aunt as I approached behind her before slipping my arms from her side her.   She was doing the dishes that they used for dinner. The boy, Minoru, was busy watching TV in the living room.   Taking this chance when there’s no one who could interrupt us, I intimately hugged her from behind.   However, contrary to my expectation, she wasn’t surprised by what I did as if she’s already expecting me to do this.   Even without looking back to see who hugged her, she surely recognized the only guy who would be bold enough to hug her when she's busy doing something. After I savored hugging her for a few seconds, Miwa-nee put down the plate that she was washing and slowly twisted her body to turn around and face me.   With a smile that’s not a smile ha

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