Night with Miwa-nee (2)

1324 Words

“Yeah, you do that. Focus on your goal and… let me deal with the problem on my end.” Miwa-nee said in a low voice. Since I couldn’t really see her full expression, I could only assume what kind of face she’s making right now. Most likely, she’s forcing a smile again. There were always times she’s doing this but whenever I would ask her, she would just brush it off as something important. And because of the issues piled up in front of me, I couldn’t truly focus on her problem. “There you go again, Miwa-nee.” Although I said this, I was actually somewhat reprimanding myself, why couldn’t I become more reliable at this time. This time when Miwa-nee and most of my girls needed my help. All I could do at the moment was use my tongue or my strength to solve problems. True, most of them tru

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