Convincing to Coercing

1456 Words

Our conversation was all in a whisper and was even overwhelmed by the sound of the shower. Nonetheless, it’s truly not definite that no one could hear us when we’re basically all inside the same room. In any case, Orimura-sensei’s voice was a bit louder and that was probably what they heard or what the Volleyball Girl heard. That’s why she got curious and decided to check on her. However, for this teacher to cover my mouth and stop me from talking… Can I interpret this as her not wanting the Volleyball Girl to find out that I am here with her? If that’s the case then the chance for her to let me off without the girls here knowing of this incident is high. I just had to answer all her questions and… whatever she wanted me to do, I had to agree to it. “What do you mean? Have you heard m

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