Only Shot at Escaping the Crisis

1395 Words

Meeting that glare of hers, I kept my calm and whispered to her again. “I can explain. Can you hear me out?” With this kind of position with her, even if I was a big p*****t, I had no time to revel at how soft and how good it was to hold her body in a place like this. I was completely aware that if I loosen up even for a bit, Orimura-sensei would have no problem throwing me down. As I waited for her answer to my question, the scared talkative girl outside began calling out to her. “Sensei? Are you fine there? Is there really a ghost?” The shower was still running and they most likely noticed the door closing as soon as Orimura-sensei stepped inside. Checking on her situation was a natural and another expected move. But I couldn’t just remove my hand from her mouth without coming into

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