Sensei... It's me

1243 Words

Although the room could be said to be big, traversing the distance from the door to the farthest stall where I was in only more or less fifteen steps. At each step Orimura-sensei took, the sense of urgency began to well up inside me. There’s no escape for me now except that sliver of a chance that I could successfully convince the PE teacher and Volleyball Club’s coach to keep quiet and let me off with my excuse for being inside here. The chance was so small that it could be said to be negligible at best. I may have helped them with their PE Class but that’s certainly not enough for me to have an Immunity Card in her or Eguchi-sensei’s eyes. Moreover, with eleven students that’s also inside this room, it would be a challenge for me to convince Orimura-sensei to turn a blind eye without

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